Derusification Authority

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 8, 2022
Derusification Authority

A body coordinating the process of derusification of the state will be organized under the Ministry of culture of Ukraine

The Ministry of culture and the Institute of national remembrance are creating a common advisory body — a council for derusification, decommunization, and decolonization.

The derussification body, in direct collaboration with the Ukrainians, will coordinate the civilizational process of deliverance and renewal of the monuments of the archaic past. The body's competence will include the decision to demolish monuments, rename streets and urban infrastructure, etc.

Today in Ukraine, there are too many names and monuments that testify to a past that is alien to progressive and developed Ukraine: monuments to the friendship between Ukraine and Russia, numerous Moskovsky and Valerian Kuibyshev streets, memorial plaques to dubious heroes Pavlik Morozov, etc. The cultural space of the pro-European Ukraine will be cleared of these rudiments.

We remind you that in Ukraine, the arch of Friendship of peoples (Ukraine and Russia) was renamed, and the monument to the unification of the 2 states was demolished. On the agenda is the dismantling of the coat of arms of the USSR from the shield of the monument to the Motherland.

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