Another Monument “Friendship” of Ukraine and Russia Was Dismantled

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, July 7, 2022
Another Monument “Friendship” of Ukraine and Russia Was Dismantled

In the Kyiv region, at the request of the local population, a monument to the 300th anniversary of the reunification of Ukraine with the aggressor country was dismantled

On July 7, in the city of Pereyaslav, near Kyiv, at the request of the townspeople and the local government, a monument was dismantled glorifying dead values ​​— the 300th anniversary of the reunification of Ukraine and Russia.

"Bucha, Irpin, Borodianka, Gostomel, Moshchun and other settlements of Ukraine, where the Russian army committed atrocities against humanity, once again proved that there can be no talk of "reunification" or "friendship" with the rushists (Russian fascist — ed.)," Kyiv regional military administration.

We would like to draw your attention to the inscriptions that you see on the pedestal left from the monument. These are local Ukrainians wrote with white paint the names of the cities killed and raped by the Russian occupation: Mariupol, Bucha, Irpin, Makarov, Gostomel, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Kherson, etc.

We remind you that the Ukrainization program was launched long before the war. Then the country began to get rid of the monuments to dubious Soviet personalities — Lenin, Pavlik Morozov, Kuibyshev. They also started to rename cities/streets/regions that previously bore the names of Russian "heroes" and phenomena that brought Ukraine nothing but evil: Ordzhonikidze, Red October, Voroshilov, a Komsomol member, etc. The work began a long time ago, but now it continues with special pleasure for Ukrainians. According to the Ministry of culture of Ukraine, the office of the newly created body — the Council for derusification, decommunization, and decolonization, is flooded with applications from Ukrainians to rename streets and dismantle Soviet memorials.

We remind you that on April 26, the Kyiv monument "Reunification of Ukraine with Russia" was dismantled with a roar, and the Kyiv arch of "Friendship of peoples" was renamed the Arch of Freedom of the Ukrainian People. Odesa residents are actively demanding to dismantle the monument to Catherine II. And very soon, the coat of arms of the USSR will be dismantled from the shield of the Motherland monument.

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