Reloading the Tourism Sphere of Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, June 1, 2023
Reloading the Tourism Sphere of Ukraine

Rethinking the law on tourism, attracting investors, government guarantees/insurance, development of modern recreation

Ukrainian nature is incredibly diverse and beautiful. We have mountains, forests, seas, waterfalls, vast and deep lakes (one of them is pink and receives flocks of flamingos every year: Lemurian lake, Kherson), resorts with mineral waters (Truskavets) and even one desert (Oleshkivsky sands). The tourism sector in Ukraine has great potential and needs to be invested in restarting.

The head of the State tourism development agency, Maryana Oleskiv, said that today there are 38 resorts in Ukraine, and 13% of the territory of our country can be transferred to the recreation fund. The problem is that 11 out of 38 are under occupation, while the rest were equipped in Soviet times.

STDA is working on a new law on resorts, considering the interests of both investors and clients. The new law on tourism will modernise the state sanatorium fund and legally fix the methods of creating new tourist centres in Ukraine.

The country needs not only the cleansing of the seas, the renewal of the material and technical base, but, deeper the creation of a space where people have a rest from the war. Where, under the sound of the surf and the singing of the Carpathian birds, it will be possible to cure the soul.

"One, even though the active phase of the war has been going on in Ukraine for more than a year, we are talking about development, realising that it is essential to prepare the basis for the restoration of our economy and the recreation and tourism industries will become one of the main ones in this direction," Maryana Oleskiv.

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