AI in Ukraine 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, January 13, 2022
AI in Ukraine 

AI development and education

“The results of our work, and we plan to do so next summer, will be open to the general public at the National institute for strategic studies," said Yuliia Kazdobina, head of the Ukrainian foundation for security studies.

According to Kazdobina, it is planned to prepare a study of the experience of European regulation and expand the infrastructure of management in the field of artificial intelligence and webinars for a large number of people. The final result of the work will be presented to a broad audience within a round table based on NISS. The Ministry of digital transformation will provide the recommendations.

Also, Serhii Yarmolenko, a representative of the Committee for the development of artificial intelligence technology, said that Oxford Government AI Readiness Index considers Ukraine one of the leaders among AI developers in Europe. This fact obliges us to look for options to support promising projects and areas of development of this technology and create favorable conditions for industry regulation.

According to Serhii Hnatiuk, an expert at the National institute for strategic studies, increasing the attention of Ukrainian experts to the topic of artificial intelligence is inevitable. This technology needs to be studied, nurtured, implemented at home because Ukrainians are very smart.

Experts stressed that Ukrainian business has significant potential. Still, without the assistance of the government, its efforts cannot be large-scale and systematic, which may soon become a constraint for its development. However, the lack of AI infrastructure in the state's system makes it impossible to support innovation and investors research in this area consistently.

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