Alternative Energy Resources Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, October 22, 2021
Alternative Energy Resources Ukraine

Ukraine is a country with vast energy resources. To increase the level of use of energy from the sun and solar panels, the Ukrainian government has introduced a special "green tariff" for electricity obtained through alternative energy sources.

  • Seas and rivers wind power and hydropower;
  • The southern part of Ukraine, located in the subtropical zone the energy of the sun;
  • Advanced farming biomethane;
  • Nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power plants, natural gas.

Solar energy provides only 15% of all electricity produced in Ukraine, but even now there are plans to increase their share up to 20%. That type of energy allows you to solve many problems: not just pollution and greenhouse effect any form of SE gives Ukraine independence from foreign countries and reduces costs for fuel imports.

Many countries in Europe are also increasingly turning to green energy. According to the European Commission's report, over the next ten years, it is planned to increase investment in solar technologies in Europe by five times. The same percentage of growth is expected for wind power plants and biomass facilities. This trend demonstrates that alternative energy is becoming more affordable and available.

If you look at our country from the standpoint of these indicators, one can say that Ukraine has a lot of room for green energy development, especially considering its large area occupied by seas where there are plenty of opportunities for the installation of offshore wind turbines or wave power plants. Energy generated by these sources will be sufficient not only for their own needs but also available for sale to other countries.

Even now, the Ukrainian government has taken a number of important steps to attract investment into nuclear energy. For example, one can pay for electricity directly from atomic power plants only in hryvnia (national currency). The official exchange rate is given at the level of 27 UAH per dollar. Another prerequisite for the further development of atomic energy is the possibility of additional research and design work. Such activity will allow our scientists not only to develop atomic energy but also to use their own developments in other areas it should be noted that atomic equipment production provides many jobs around the world.

Another promising technology using methane obtained as a result of biogas processing plant waste products (waste treatment). Methane power plants are installed on farms with livestock. The process of biogas production is much cheaper than atomic power, but it can be applied only to smaller facilities. On 22 October 2021, Ukraine passed a law on the development of biomethane production. It is estimated that today Ukraine can produce up to 9.5 billion cubic meters of gas from agricultural waste

Green energy prices continue to fall worldwide, so now you can buy equipment for green energy almost as inexpensively as gas heating staples or fuel oil boilers that provide heat for many years without any problems. However, one should keep in mind that green energy technology requires additional care and service.

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