American Engineers Help Ukrainians Repair Military Equipment Damaged in Battles

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, September 25, 2023
American Engineers Help Ukrainians Repair Military Equipment Damaged in Battles

The USA provided Ukrainians with 3D printers and the right to use intellectual property to create military spare parts

Ukraine received from the USA industrial 3D printers for printing spare parts for weapons and military equipment. The truck-sized machines are capable of creating parts for military equipment damaged on the battlefield, right there on the battlefield. The information was reported by Dr William LaPlante, under secretary of defence for acquisition and sustainment. According to Dr LaPlante, the machines were handed over to the Ukrainians for use back in August, and in early September, a team of Ukrainian military engineers was trained in the operation of this equipment.

Ukrainians used such printers to create the necessary spare parts and repair military equipment quickly, but officially, we did not have permission to use this technology.

"In the beginning, Ukrainians printed their own 3D parts without having technical data packages. You know what they say: when your country is under existential attack, intellectual property laws only matter a little. Well, we put it in order, together with other countries. Now they have all the technical data packages," William LaPlante.

This tech update, according to Dr LaPlante, "completely changes the case" because now Ukrainians will return more than twice as much military equipment from the repair hangar to the front. In addition to precious time, Ukrainians got the opportunity to independently create parts that were previously received only with military aid packages from international partners.

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