American Philanthropists Gifted Ukrainians With Mobile Laboratory 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, August 2, 2023
American Philanthropists Gifted Ukrainians With Mobile Laboratory 

In Lviv arrived a bus for blood collection, which will save hundreds of wounded Ukrainian soldiers 

The mobile blood collection point came from Texas. The Americans handed over the bus to the First medical union of Lviv. A mobile laboratory for collecting blood is equipped with tables, chairs, manipulation equipment, and refrigerators. This allows the bus to work as intended in summer and winter. The American humanitarian contribution to the salvation of the Ukrainian people has rather large dimensions, so there can be 4 donors simultaneously. The bus will go to enterprises at the request of workers and settlements willing to help the wounded Ukrainians due to the war, but there are no blood collection points. 

50-60 donors in Lviv come every day to donate blood. However, places in hospitals are often not enough for everyone wanting to help. Therefore, the help of philanthropists from Texas will help hospitals cover the need for whole blood, erythrocyte and platelet mass, as well as contracts to realize their desire.

In just 100 days of the war, at least 200 litres of blood were collected in each region of Ukraine. This considerable contribution saved at least 1.000 people. During almost 600 days of the war, Ukrainian donors donated 10 times more blood and continue to save soldiers defending the country and civilian victims of the Russian war.

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