American Senator Indicates Rapid Deployment of ATACMS Missiles to Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, April 22, 2024
American Senator Indicates Rapid Deployment of ATACMS Missiles to Ukraine

Senator Mark Warner, chairman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, discussed the imminent possibility of Ukraine receiving ATACMS long-range missiles, potentially as early as next week

His comments were made during an interview on CBS, where he highlighted the strategic importance and impact of resuming American military aid to Ukraine.

Senator Warner emphasized Ukraine's effective use of limited resources to significantly weaken the Russian military, noting the extensive damage inflicted over the past two years. "With less than 3% of our defense budget, Ukrainians destroyed 87% of the Russian ground forces that existed before that, 63% of their tanks, and 32% of their armored personnel carriers," he stated, underscoring the operational efficiency and strategic impact of Ukrainian forces.

Moreover, Warner pointed out that during these operations, no American soldiers were killed, highlighting the effectiveness of supporting Ukraine in countering Russian aggression indirectly. He expressed optimism that the necessary weapons, including ATACMS missiles, could be delivered by the end of the week, following legislative approval. This support is crucial for Ukraine to stop rationing shells and to restore the morale of its troops, which has been affected by recent shortages.

The delivery timeline coincides with the recent vote in the House of Representatives, where the "Ukrainian document" was passed with substantial support, receiving 310 votes in favor and 112 against. The legislation now awaits further approval in the Senate and a final signature from President Joe Biden.

The Pentagon has indicated that once the legislation is fully approved, the shipment of ammunition and equipment to Ukraine could begin within days, marking a significant escalation in U.S. support aimed at bolstering Ukrainian defense capabilities against ongoing Russian military aggression.

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