Amount to Opening Private Cabinet in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, December 22, 2021
Amount to Opening Private Cabinet in Ukraine

Is it worth opening a private practice in Ukraine in 2021-2022

Starting your own business in Ukraine is a profitable solution. The benefits of it begin with the independent planning of the work schedule and turning a successful business into passive income. Medical practitioners and masseuses, nail and make-up artists, lawyers, and counselors may engage in private activities and open their offices. This list can go on for a long time, but we will consider the direct cost of starting your project.

First, to start a case, you have to find a room. The location of the private office influences future success as much as the skill of its owner. The best way to do business is to be located in a lively part of the city. It is also important to have a metro or a good traffic interchange. The cost of renting premises in the capital of Ukraine is $146.80 for a month. In modern business centers of Kyiv, the rental rate starts at $11 per m2. A similar pricing policy can also be noticed in the major cities of the central and southern part of the country. Renting premises in western Ukraine is somewhat cheaper. There you can find a spacious office space for $5-8 per m2.

The following expenditure item will be a list of the equipment that will be required for the work. Aesthetics artists will need special machines, couches. Even to start a private massage practice, you’d need equipment. Like a massage gun or a sterilizer for vacuum cans. Some offices even have shower cabins for clients. Therefore, it is equipment that will be the most expensive part of the preparation for starting a business.

We should not forget that it is necessary to create comfort in a room. Therefore, the purchase of curtains, towels, cups, office supplies, tables, and chairs can cost $500-1000.

The most important factor for starting one’s own business is marketing. Starting from promoting social networks, you will have to spend money on target scientists, copywriters, SEO specialists, etc. On the Ukrainian market, the average cost of setting up quality advertising in social networks starts from $400. The copywriter’s services are currently worth $2.57 per 1.000 symbols.

To open your own office, you have to make an effort. But in Ukraine, private practice is so popular now that all costs will be paid off already in the first months of work. It should also keep in mind that, to open a business, one has to collect several documents and, in some cases, obtain a special license (for example, a medical one, if it is the dental office to be opened, etc.).

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