“An-124” Airplane and $517.5 Mln

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, June 11, 2023
“An-124” Airplane and $517.5 Mln

Justin Trudeau announced another package of Canadian aid to Ukraine

Canadian prime minister announced several new actions to help Ukraine during his visit to Kyiv. First, the new military package.

"In addition, our budget has been expanded to a 2 billion loan to the government of Ukraine to support Ukraine, reconstruction and reconstruction. We will provide $500 million in new funding for military aid," Justin Trudeau.

This will include 287 missiles, 10.000 units of 155-mm shells, and Canada joining the program to train Ukrainian pilots in Western F-16s.

"We in Canada will become part of the international training to conduct training in the program of using aircraft. We will also join the training initiative on the management of the Leopard tanks," Trudeau.

Next: increased sanctions for Russia and bonuses for Ukraine. A Russian An-124 aircraft (designed and manufactured in Ukraine, by the way) that had the audacity to land in Canada was detained due to sanctions and will soon be handed over to Ukraine.

"Last spring, a Russian Antonov landed at Pearson airport in Toronto. As soon as it landed, we immediately detained it. Today, thanks to the legislation that was passed, we are confiscating this aircraft, which was owned by Russia, and we are beginning the process of transferring it to the ownership of Ukraine so that it is no longer used by Russia," continued minister Trudeau.

More sanctions against the terrorist state.

"To date, Canada has imposed sanctions on more than 2,500 entities and individuals, and today we are announcing a new package of sanctions against 24 individuals and 17 entities as part of special economic measures for Ukraine."

Help in eliminating the Kakhovka disaster.

"We saw the catastrophic consequences associated with the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric dam. These were the direct consequences of the Russian war. To help, I am today announcing $10 million in funding support, as well as an additional $7.5 million in already earmarked aid to Ukraine to respond to the flooding."

We remind you that during the visit of minister Trudeau and his team to Kyiv, Canada and Ukraine signed a declaration of support for Ukraine's path to NATO.

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