An attempt by Ukrainian Cars to Win Rallies in Monte Carlo

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, February 3, 2022
An attempt by Ukrainian Cars to Win Rallies in Monte Carlo

Ukrainian "Zaporozhets" take part in the Monte Carlo retro rally

Zaporozhets, or ZAZ, is a Ukrainian automobile legend. The first cars moved out of the assembly line in 1960. The automobile factory, located in the city of Zaporizhzhya (central part of Ukraine), manufactures cars, vans, and buses. Since 2004, the factory has been producing the ZAZ-Daewoo model. This model of the car became an alternative to other cars. It had a modern look and was affordable to the middle class. ZAZ now manufactures and assembles six models. Among them is the Renault Arkana. But the legendary was the automobile factory, thanks to its first models. They will present Ukraine in the retro rally.

The Ukrainian crews arrived in Valence in France with ZAZ cars. The Rallye Monte-Carlo Classic will pass retro here. The cars have already been inspected on the site and have received tracking devices. With the help of trackers, rally organizers will monitor the movement of crews along the route. The road to being traversed by 60-year-old cars from Ukraine has a length of more than 400 km.

For the first time this year, Ukraine performs in competitions. Representatives of 5 teams arrived in France. ZAZ-965, ZAZ-965-A, ZAZ-966, and ZAZ-968 will take part in the race.

Four Ukrainian cars will appear on the roads as part of the exception. In honor of the 60th anniversary of the first ZAZ-965 car, the rally organizers made an exception to the rules by allowing four cars to compete.

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