Melitopol — Center of the Partisan Movement

Friday, May 20, 2022
Melitopol — Center of the Partisan Movement

Ukrainian partisans in Melitopol blew up an enemy armored train and prevented the invaders from bringing weapons to Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia region, the cradle of Ukrainian Cossacks. Today, it is in this area that the largest Ukrainian partisan resistance operates. The city of Melitopol is temporarily under Russian occupation, but in this city, Russians suffer the most from the underground resistance. On May 18, partisans, defending Ukraine, blew up a Russian armored train. A powerful explosion was heard almost throughout the city. None of the Russian soldiers were injured: a train with military supplies and a railway were blown up.

The American Institute for War Research called Melitopol the center of the partisan movement.

  1. Despite false ideas about the city as pro-Russian, from the first days of the war, Melitopol residents went to rallies with the slogans "Melitopol is Ukraine!";
  2. Mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov refused to cooperate with the invaders and was kidnapped and later released. Now he continues his work;
  3. A large number of abducted citizens of the Zaporizhia region are from Melitopol. In total, 276 inhabitants were stolen, to this day, 115 arrive in captivity;
  4. Volodymyr Zelenskyy repeatedly recalled the inhabitants of Melitopol as fearless and courageous Ukrainians fighting for their rights;
  5. Melitopol partisans carried out more than 20 special operations, destroying equipment and more than 100 militaries of the Russian Federation.

Melitopol is Ukraine! Glory to heroes!

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