Angela Merkel Arrives in Kyiv for a Diplomatic Visit

Sunday, August 22, 2021
Angela Merkel Arrives in Kyiv for a Diplomatic Visit

On August 22, the German Chancellor met with the president of Ukraine to discuss security, bilateral relations, economic background, and the implementation of the Minsk agreements

According to Volodymyr Zelenskii, Ukraine is counting on Germany as a key partner in Europe. In gratitude for Germany's reliable support of Ukraine in strategic matters, Zelenskii awarded Merkel the medal of Freedom. This is the second-highest state award of Ukraine (after the title of Hero of Ukraine) and the highest that can be awarded to foreigners.

"Germany will elect a new chancellor in September. I am personally convinced that Mrs. Merkel will remain an active participant in the political life of Germany and Europe. But know that in any case, in any status, and at any time, you will always be a welcome guest in Ukraine. Thank you," summed up Volodymyr Zelenskii.

According to Zelenskii's representative body — the presidential office, on August 23, in the capital of Ukraine, a meeting of the energy ministers of Ukraine, Germany, and the United States, the main topic of which will be Ukraine's transition to green energy and the search for alternative energy sources.

"We really discussed with the Chancellor the issue of continuing gas transit through the territory of Ukraine after 2024. So far, I think these are very general things. There will be an important meeting tomorrow. Three energy ministers will meet — Ukraine, Germany, and the United States. Maybe more concrete things will appear there — the transition to green energy and the green course of Ukraine,” said the president of Ukraine.

The meeting took place at the Mariinsky palace in Kyiv. After the official part, a number of meetings of Chancellor Angela Merkel and Ukrainian ministers are planned.

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