Angelina Jolie Arrived to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, May 1, 2022
Angelina Jolie Arrived to Ukraine

The American actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador arrived in Lviv not as part of a diplomatic mission but of her own free will

On April 30, some Ukrainians stopped believing their eyes: Angelina Jolie was spotted in one of the cafes in Lviv, in a quiet area of ​​the Sikhs. The Ambassador for Refugees arrived in Lviv to communicate with internally displaced persons and refugees and see the situation in Ukraine personally. It is noteworthy that this visit was not organized by the UN, and her arrival in Ukraine is the sole decision of the actress.

"Angelina Jolie came to Ukraine on her own initiative, and the UN has nothing to do with this visit," UN spokesman Matt Saltmarsh for CBC News.

After a coffee break in a cafe, Jolie went to the station, where she waited for the evacuation train from Pokrovsk and talked with its passengers — peaceful Ukrainians who had barely escaped the war. After that, the actress and the UN ambassador went to the hospital with the children victims of the rocket attack on Kramatorsk.

A couple of hours later, an air raid siren began to scream around the city, to which the Ukrainians were already accustomed, but the American was hardly ready. During the siren, Angelina Jolie and her team and the Ukrainians were forced to flee to a bomb shelter. 

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