Animals Came Out of a Forest

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, April 1, 2022
Animals Came Out of a Forest

Russians use children as human shields

According to the department of the settlement, in which representatives of the Russian army are located, the invaders stole the children and took them away in an unknown direction.

“According to local residents in the village of Novy Bykov (Chernihiv region), Russian soldiers took local children hostage and put them in trucks. The purpose of these actions is to ensure a convoy of military equipment on the march,” local authorities in the Chernihiv region said.

This is not the first time that the Russians have used such tactics in the war against Ukraine. Earlier it was also reported that the Russians forcibly took out the local population under the guise of evacuation and covered themselves with the bodies of Ukrainians to leave the hot spots.

"Ros-fascists are gathering children and women in Bucha. They say they want to evacuate them. But in fact, they plan to make them a "human shield" to break through to Kyiv! Putin is a war criminal!" advisor to the minister of internal affairs Anton Gerashchenko

In the city of Trostyanets, the occupiers continue active mining of the territory. Today, a stretcher exploded in the forest belt of the city, as a result, one civilian died on the spot, and two more were seriously injured.

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