“Another Love” — Forever Love

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, August 3, 2023
“Another Love” — Forever Love

Ukrainian singer gave Tom Odell a fragment of a crystal chandelier left after the bombing of the theatre in Mariupol

Tom Odell is the first cultural figure to respond to a full-scale Russian attack and supported Ukrainians. In the early days of the war, when millions of Ukrainians fled the war abroad, Tom Odell came to Poland and sang for Ukrainian refugees. One of the songs that Odell warmed Ukrainians and accompanied himself on the piano was Another Love. A few days later, Tom was in New York and during his performance of Another Love, the crowd of listeners unfurled hundreds of Ukrainian flags. Therefore, the song Another Love for Ukrainians has become an anthem of hope.

Tom Odell gave the Ukrainian singer Enleo the right to translate and cover this song. Recently, the Lodz Summer festival was held in the Polish city of Lodz, where Tom and Enleo met. The Ukrainian gave the Briton a piece of a crystal chandelier from the Mariupol drama theatre.

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