Another Military Support for Ukraine From the USA 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, April 21, 2023
Another Military Support for Ukraine From the USA 

On April 19, the White House announced the provision of a $325 mln package, which includes HIMARS, artillery shells, anti-tank systems etc.

The USA determined the size and composition of the new military support Joe Biden approved the transfer of $325 million through the secretary of state. This amount is intended for military aid to Ukrainians but will be divided into humanitarian needs and arms purchases. The humanitarian goal of the military support will be the work of the defence Ministry of the USA with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Also, Ukrainian soldiers got another chance to be trained in America.

The armed component of the support has already been approved. Within its framework, Ukrainian defenders will receive the following:

  • TOW anti-tank missile systems;
  • AT-4 anti-tank systems;
  • Anti-tank mines;
  • 4 logistics support machines;
  • 9 million rounds of small arms ammunition and precision aircraft ammunition;
  • Equipment for the repair of vehicles and weapons.

Since 2014, America's military support amounted to more than $38 billion. Since 24 February 2022, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have received $35.4 billion.

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