Another Sign of Fascism

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, March 15, 2022
Another Sign of Fascism

Russian defense minister Serhiy Shoigu proposes to start cutting down Ukrainian forests to provide the Russian army

The general directorate of intelligence of Ukraine informed of a special letter to Putin. It was written by the Russian defense minister, proposing to cut down Ukrainian forests and green plantations. They plan to sell timber and spend money on the Russian army.

All this is happening at a time when Russian propaganda is inventing signs of nationalism in Ukraine. Nevertheless, Russia itself is more in line with these signs. But the similarities with nazi rule in Germany are even more striking. Ukraine was confronted with looting and the export of valuables and raw materials from the country during World War II.

Now the Russian military is robbing food stores, taking televisions and toilets from homes. Now they want to plunge into the Ukrainian forest.

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