App For Ukrainian Refugees

by Olha Povalaieva
Monday, January 16, 2023
App For Ukrainian Refugees

Digital community created for Ukrainians. Already connected 7 countries

The society of researchers of Ukraine reported that Ukrainian IT specialists created the application I'm Ukrainian. The digital community was created for Ukrainians who had to leave the country because of Russian aggression. The app is to help those who are abroad to remind them about Ukrainian roots and war. I'm Ukrainian help find information about:

  • Meetings of Ukrainians abroad;
  • Concerts of Ukrainian celebrities;
  • Cultural events for refugees;
  • Registration of business abroad;
  • Vacancies for Ukrainians in different countries;
  • Professional courses.

The app is already available on Google Play and App Store. The developers report that Poland, Romania, Britain, Austria, Germany, Italy, and Spain have joined the assistance of Ukrainian refugees. Soon, the development will be available to residents of Canada, the USA, Georgia, and Turkey.

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