Ukrainian “Diia” Presented in America

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, May 25, 2023
Ukrainian “Diia” Presented in America

On May 23, the "Diia in DC" summit wrapped in the USA. Who wants to buy Ukrainian product

The Ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine reported that the presentation of the Ukrainian electronic service of public services Diia was completed in Washington. Diia in DC is a conference organised by the Ukrainian Ministry and USAID. It was devoted to the presentation of the digital achievements of Ukraine. During the summit dedicated to the "unpacking" of Ukrainian product to other countries, the principle of the portal and the services that every Ukrainian can get from government agencies without leaving home was presented. Today, Ukrainians keep not only all electronic documents but also can get the child's birth certificate, to conclude a marriage, pay a fine, develop a business, etc.

In addition, representatives of Ukraine identified further ways of developing the state electronic system. The summit was successful. The minister of digital transformation of Ukraine, Fedorov, said that negotiations on the export of service software codes to 10 countries have been started. Additionally under consideration a partnerships with Zambia and Colombia are 

"Ukraine was known as a country of the world that exports wheat and corn to neighbouring and distant countries. Now Ukraine becomes known through something else. Through a new product. The Ministry of digital transformation is working to make Diia an open-source tool available to other countries for the development of their public infrastructure. And other countries, including government leaders like Estonia, are learning from this experience, adapting it to their needs, creating something like Diia in themselves," said USAID head Samantha Power.

In addition, the implementation of the portal in different countries will look different. But the basics of the development of Ukraine will be preserved.

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