Apple Representative Office and Certified Service Centers Opens in Ukraine

Tuesday, June 8, 2021
Apple Representative Office and Certified Service Centers Opens in Ukraine

Apple Ukraine was registered on April 15, 2020, and already today became a member of the American Chamber of Commerce (ACC) in Ukraine

Apple path in Ukraine:

Since 2014, Apple has been supervising the Ukrainian market from an office in the UK. Work has been carried out in the direction of marketing and partnership cooperation. Among the partners are official importer of Apple equipment to Ukraine ASBIS-Ukraine, and a chain of Citrus technology stores that develops Apple brand zones in shops.

According to Liga.Tech resource, in the region of a month ago, Apple named a government relations specialist (GR-specialist) for Ukraine. The name hasn’t been released yet. On the contrary, there are already vacancies for work at Apple Ukraine: analyst of indirect taxes, regional manager of personnel in "sales and business development" and legal consultant.

Last year Apple Ukraine closed the vacancy of the analyst of adaptations with knowledge of the Ukrainian language, allowing to launch Siri on Ukrainian and some sections of the site.

It is likely that Apple Ukraine’s output will follow the scheme described by the deputy director of Vivo in Ukraine Vitaly Kuznetsov: "First the business plan and discussion of P&L (planned revenues and expenses) for this business plan. As a rule, only later registration of the company and recruitment of personnel, starting from management positions".

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