“ArcelorMittal” Constructed an Underground Complex for Heavy Machinery Service

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, July 2, 2023
“ArcelorMittal” Constructed an Underground Complex for Heavy Machinery Service

Investment in service stations for mine transport, electric locomotives and trolleys

The world-famous Ukrainian corporation ArcelorMittal has increased the capacity of its branch in Krivyy Rih city (Dnipro region). Deep underground, in the rock, AM built a 50-m depot for the repair and maintenance/pre-shift inspection of equipment used to work in the mine: trolleys, electric locomotives and more.

Despite the war and the location of the ArcelorMittal plant in the frontline zone, ≈ $629.000 was invested in the expansion of the plant. The company removed more than 2.800 m³ of rock, levelled walls and floors with 300 m³ of concrete, welded 30 tons of steel structures, laid 1.500 m of cables. Further, 50 repair units, 2 beam cranes with a holding capacity of up to 10 tons, welding tables and welded machines, as well as 2 access roads were added to the depot.

We remind you that Metinvest is also engaged in the renewal of production today.

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