$1.46 Mln to Ukrainian Budget from ARMA

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, January 31, 2022
$1.46 Mln to Ukrainian Budget from ARMA

In 2021, the state budget received the amount, which almost tripled in 2020

The Agency for investigation and management of assets received from corrupt and other crimes reported that the state budget received $1.46 million from the sale of the arrested assets.

Also, last year the deposit portfolio of ARMA increased by almost $7.31 million and reached a record $26.6 million as compared to $19.2 million on deposit accounts of ARMA by results of 2020. The deposit portfolio of ARMA consists of more than $26.6 million.

Last year, the money assets were held at about $1.4 million in interest.

Thus, thanks to the management of property assets and money resources over the past year, ARMA generated about $2.8 million in revenues.

At the end of 2021, ARMA entered into the register of arrested assets more than 15 thousand records on residential and non-residential real estate, land plots, property complexes, transport, various goods, money, corporate rights, shares, and other assets.

The ARMA deposit portfolio consists of the funds of the arrested monetary assets and the funds received from the sale of the arrested property on electronic auctions. The respective assets are placed on deposit accounts in the state bank in national currency, euro, and dollars on terms that are one of the most advantageous in the market of banking services. This allows ARMA to increase the value of assets it manages.

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