Arrival of American Coal to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, December 6, 2021
Arrival of American Coal to Ukraine

The second Panamax with 66 thousand tons of American coal entered the port of the country

“Despite challenging conditions with availability and record energy prices on world markets, we are already meeting the second ship with coal from the United States. In the coming days, it will replenish the reserves of our TPPs and will ensure the stability of the Ukrainian energy system during peak periods. We have mobilized all available resources in order to ensure the stability of the energy system, light and heat in the homes of Ukrainians in these extremely difficult conditions, especially during the heating season,” said Ildar Saleev, general director of DTEK Energo.

The private national company DTEK, which invests in the development of the energy sectors of Ukraine, has entered into agreements with American, Colombian, Polish and Kazakhstani companies for the supply of coal to prevent the energy crisis in Ukraine.
The total volume of deliveries from the USA and Colombia will amount to 7 Panamaxes: one has already arrived, the second has just arrived and 4 more are expected. In October-January, about 470 thousand tons of coal will arrive for the needs of DTEK Energo TPPs.

It is reported that the first batch of coal, in the volume of 60.5 thousand tons, went to the needs of the state-owned generating unit Centrenergo. After unloading the vessel, the cars with gas coal were sent to Uglegorska, Zmyyvskaya and Trupylska TPPs. The resulting fuel opened up the opportunity for some stabilization of the situation with a coal shortage in winter in Ukraine.

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