Artillery “M109” Ukraine From the UK

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, June 16, 2022
Artillery “M109” Ukraine From the UK

Defense minister Robert Wallace announced the transfer of 20 units of "M109" self-propelled artillery mounts to Ukraine

The UK purchased 20 artillery mounts from Belgium and is ready to transfer them to the defence of Ukraine. Ben Wallace spoke about this at the NATO summit in Brussels. In some areas of clashes, Russia outguns Ukraine. Therefore, installations with 155 mm shells will be on the Ukrainian front for several weeks.

"In some areas, they definitely outnumber the artillery pieces — 20:1 in some areas. This is the force that Russia puts on them," Ben Wallace.

Minister Wallace stressed that he and other partner states will continue to arm Ukraine so that the war ends with Ukraine's victory and restoring its control along its entire internationally recognized border.

"I think that the Ukrainians have and will have the opportunity in the next few weeks to make significant progress in the east of the country or even protect places like Odesa," the defence minister.

Referring to intelligence data and his own experience, Ben Wallace said that shortly, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will achieve "significant progress in the east of the country." In his opinion, Ukrainian forces will soon be able to achieve "significant progress in the east of the country."

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