Putin Mocks “MH17” Tragedy

by Roman Cheplyk
Saturday, February 25, 2023
Putin Mocks “MH17” Tragedy

President of the RF awarded the brigade that shot down the Malaysian "Boeing"

The court found out who allowed the Buk installation (SA-11 Gadfly) to be brought to the territory of the occupied Donetsk region. It is already known which brigade was handed over anti-aircraft missile systems, with Boeing 777 killing 298 people. Those responsible for launching rockets at a passenger plane carrying MH-17 were punished. That tragic story seemed to be over.

But recently, Russian president, Volodymyr Putin, decided to once again remove the dried ichor from the wounds of relatives of the victims. The president of Russia gave the killers an honorary title. The 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade (the brigade that shot down the Malaysian aircraft) received praise from Putin. The Kremlin leader issued a decree in which he confers them the title of "guard" and rewarded all brigade members for "mass heroism and courage, steadfastness, and courage shown by the brigade personnel in combat operations to protect the Fatherland and state interests".

The horrific assassination of 17 July 2014 by terrorists left a lasting mark on the world. And only President Putin's devilish nature rejoices in new deaths.

We remind you that earlier, Putin awarded beasts who killed and raped Ukrainians in Bucha. 

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