Association of Families of Defenders “Azovstal” Spoke in the USA

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, June 4, 2023
Association of Families of Defenders “Azovstal” Spoke in the USA

American "Human rights foundation" accepted the Ukrainian delegation

Human rights activists from the 2 countries discussed the detention of Ukrainian prisoners of war in Russia. In the first place, we talked about Ukrainian fighters from Mariupol, who voluntarily surrendered to Russian soldiers more than a year ago. It is noted that the surrender was carried out following international norms, with the expectation of control by international organizations.

However, as of today, more than 700 Ukrainian fighters are still in captivity. In addition, representatives of the Ukrainian delegation in the person of the deputy head of the Association, Yuliia Fedosiuk, and a soldier of the Azov regiment, located from the Russian captivity, Arsenii Fedosiuk, said that the occupiers do not give norms of the Geneva Convention. They told the president of the Human rights foundation, Celine Assaf-Boustani, and her colleagues that the Russians were violating all points and holding Azov in the worst conditions. Also, the Ukrainian association recalled the terrorist act in Olenivka. The Association of families of Azovstal defenders believes that an investigation is necessary. Otherwise, the terrible war crime will remain without punishment. It is noted that international organizations have insufficient information or do not disseminate it about the crimes of the Russian Federation against Ukrainian prisoners of war.

The Association of families of Azovstal defenders and the American human rights foundation will work to develop cooperation.

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