Automotive Industry in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, October 14, 2021
Automotive Industry in Ukraine

The automotive sector in Ukraine is one of the growing sectors in terms of business and employment

Before signing the agreement with EU Ukraine's automotive manufacturers made more than a hundred thousand vehicles annually. The top domestic players in this segment were UkrAuto (ZAZ), Bogdan, Eurocar, Etalon-Bank, KrAZ, and Audi. Nowadays, according to statistical reports, it has shown that automotive sector has dropped at a rate of more than twenty percent in the last years.

In terms of production, Ukraine produces more than twenty percent of the automobiles in Europe and about forty percent of those in the whole world. It has become one of the major trading partners for the European Union, the United States and Japan. Many foreign automobile manufacturers have their manufacturing plants in Ukraine.

The automotive parts of Ukraine are manufactured by the following companies: Naerys Motors, Avtori, Uechi, Olegrod, RVT, Kuzmash, Semma, Prominence, Promo, Grumav, Semyo, Ovonta, Boaz, Turov, RVT, Grumav, RVT, Mopedre, Pobeda, Turov, Super Auto, Libra, Lufthansa, and DKW. Some of these companies have their manufacturing plant in the former annual output levels. Most of them do not have their own assembly plants. They outsource their assembling work to other countries like China, Mexico, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and others.

The automobile parts of Ukraine are manufactured in a very heavy-duty way due to the heavy-duty engines and exteriors of the cars and vans in Ukraine. The engines of the vehicles need a lot of work and carefulness to work properly. They use different kinds of fuels and highly refined lubricants which is difficult for the workers of the soviet republic to access and so they produce a lot of high-quality engines. Ukraine's automotive industry mainly uses the 7 series engines.

The complete line of automobiles manufactured by these companies can be found in any major or regional dealership. They also have their dealers in all major cities of Ukraine. There are many private consumers and foreigners who purchase their products through the distributors of large companies. The distributors of these companies take care of procuring the automobile components in a very good manner. The distributors usually have their own factory outlets.

The third-largest tractor producer of Ukraine is the factory of the famous Kyiv tractor plant. It manufactures both light utility trucks and big diesel trucks. It has a vast amount of experience in manufacturing both passenger and commercial trucks. This manufacturer has a complete fleet of medium and big diesel trucks. Their main distributors are situated in Kharkiv, Poltava, Mytyna, and Kursat.


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