Aviadestinations of Ukrainians in 2021

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, December 31, 2021
Aviadestinations of Ukrainians in 2021

The largest ticket bookings were made to Turkey (24%). Poland is in second place, Georgia is in third

`These three destinations are always mentioned in the top five countries where Ukrainians have booked tickets throughout 2021, regardless of the season.

The UAE and Belarus are also mentioned in the list of popular destinations in the first half of the year. The latter used to be consistently in third place until airlines introduced restrictions on flights through this country in May.

In the summer, the Ukrainians and the stable top three leaders were looking for air tickets to Montenegro and Greece. In the fall, they were replaced by Italy and Spain.

Countries in Africa were not particularly popular destinations in 2021. Least of all, Ukrainians were interested in tickets to Congo, Angola, Zimbabwe, Mauritania. The ticket's cost can explain the low demand for these destinations.

In addition, the traveler will spend about 24 hours in flight with at least two transfers in Istanbul, Cairo, or Addis Ababa.

Also, such destinations as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nepal, and Bangladesh are in minimal demand.

In addition, the situation has changed with an early booking of air tickets. If before Covid-19, Ukrainian tourists searched for and bought tickets on average 50 days before departure, now they plan a future trip 40 days before the departure date.

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