“Bastion” Armoured Personnel Carrier and Howitzers “TRF1”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, October 6, 2022
“Bastion” Armoured Personnel Carrier and Howitzers “TRF1”

France announced the transfer of armored heavy equipment to Ukraine, which has already proven itself in battles in the Middle East and Africa 

Informants Oryxspioenkop, who monitor the weapons provided to Ukraine, announced a decision to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a new batch of heavy weapons. The new batch will include 20 French-made ACMAT Bastion armoured vehicles and TRF1 howitzers.

Bastion armour protects against 7.62 calibre bullets and fragments of detonating agents, and the wheeled chassis is designed according to the 4x4 principle. These armoured personnel carriers were developed in 2012 and have already proven themselves in wars in the Middle East and Africa. Due to the reinforced armour, the Bastion armoured personnel carrier is a heavy model — 12 tons, works with a 12.7/7.62 machine gun, and is capable of transporting up to 10 people.

We remind you that earlier, France, Denmark and Ukraine decided to transfer about 12 Caesar to our army, which were initially prepared for the order of Denmark.

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