Baykar to Employ 500 at New Drone Factory in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, February 7, 2024
Baykar to Employ 500 at New Drone Factory in Ukraine

Haluk Bayraktar, CEO of Turkish defense company Baykar, announced that the new Bayraktar drone manufacturing facility near Kyiv will employ around 500 individuals

During an interview with Reuters at the World Arms Exhibition in Riyadh, Bayraktar revealed that the construction of the factory is underway, with completion expected within 12 months followed by the installation of machinery, equipment, and organizational setup.

The facility, poised to significantly enhance Ukraine's defense manufacturing capabilities, is projected to produce about 120 drones annually. However, it remains undecided whether the production will focus on the TB2 or the more advanced TB3 drone models.

Despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Bayraktar emphasized that the construction plans are proceeding without hindrance, underscoring a strong commitment to the project and its potential to bolster Ukraine's defense sector.

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