Latvia Allocates Funds for Teaching Ukrainians the Latvian Language

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, April 23, 2023
Latvia Allocates Funds for Teaching Ukrainians the Latvian Language

This measure will help integrate our refugees into the socio-economic sphere of the state and life

The government of Latvia, together with the Society Integration Foundation, is launching the second training program of the Latvian language for Ukrainian refugees. This year, about 40.000 Ukrainians are expected to live in Latvia, 65% of whom are adults. To help them integrate into society, find a job and rebuild their lives, the government of Latvia has allocated €4.029 million.

"Civilians of Ukraine in Latvia want to be more and more involved in employment. To provide more opportunities for work, as well as to promote the socio-economic integration of people into the Latvian society, knowledge of the Latvian language is necessary," press service of the Ministry of culture.

Free Latvian language lessons will start before the end of December this year. This is already the second course of the state program Lessons of the Latvian Language for the citizens of Ukraine. During the first educational wave, 3.507 Ukrainians completed language courses, of which 350 people received the A2 level.

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