Bear Grylls Has Released a Film About Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Bear Grylls Has Released a Film About Ukraine

Popular English TV presenter and survivalist made a documentary about Ukraine during a full-scale war and a meeting with Zelenskyy 

Edward Michael "Bear" Grylls is one of the most famous "preppers" or people preparing for the apocalypse. The journalist has many impressive documentaries, and one of them is now about Ukraine in the war. Grylls was in Ukraine and visited the most terrible parts of the country – so did their Russian soldiers. In particular, the journalist was in Bucha, Irpin. Not only did he capture footage for the world of the country which is suffering from Russia, but he openly expressed concern about what was happening.

"For me, it's kind of crazy that there is an active war zone in Europe in 2023. this is a country at war, where there is a curfew, the sky is closed from flying, and (at that time – ed.) blackouts continue. When we crossed the border, we understood that we were entering a dangerous place, we saw soldiers everywhere," said an English journalist.

In addition to the places where terrible tragedies happened, the film will also show the Points of invincibility that the state leadership created in response to Russian attacks on power plants. It should be mentioned that Bear Grylls was in Ukraine during the lively Russian missile attacks on the stations, which provide light and heat to the country.

In addition, Grylls interviewed Zelenskyy. On the other hand, he notes that he saw the head of state: Zelenskyy is concerned about changing the life of Ukrainians and "was grateful for the opportunity to walk."

Before this, the journalist interviewed Barak Rabami and Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.

On 26 March, the film about Ukraine will be released on Discovery+.

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