Berlin Will Host Kyiv Festival

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, June 11, 2022
Berlin Will Host Kyiv Festival

Kyiv music festival "Iskra" (Spark) will be held in the capital of Germany 

While the capital of Ukraine and the entire territory of the country is closed for holidays and mass gatherings of people, musicians do not lose their jobs and organize events outside the country. This makes it possible to support the state — paying taxes to the Ukrainian treasury; support refugees from Ukraine — to meet with them, perform their favorite songs, etc.; support the Ukrainian army — to open a charity collection or transfer part of the income to defenders.

So did the organizers of the annual Kyiv festival Iskra. For two days, the musicians will collect money to help Ukrainians who lose jobs. Entrance to the club, where Ukrainian stars will perform, will cost from €14 to €20. Also at the festival will be present Ukrainian brand Planeta. The company sells books, vinyl records, and clothing-related to musical history. Charity will take 50% of the earnings.

Kyiv Iskra in Berlin will unite foreign and Ukrainian musical performers:

  • Helena Hauff;
  • Finn Johannsen;
  • Christian AB b2b Quest;
  • Koloah;
  • Jana Woodstock;
  • Nastya VogAddPonura;
  • Nastya Muravyova;
  • Adelina;
  • Udda and others.

On 25-26 June the festival will be held at the Berlin club RSO.

Note that now in Ukraine there are small charity concerts in the subways of the safest cities. Ukrainian performers perform for Ukrainians for free to maintain moral health and belief in victory.

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