Best Websites to Track Currencies in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, December 13, 2021
Best Websites to Track Currencies in Ukraine

Financial sites currency-related news to respond promptly to

Ukraine has over 100 publications covering accounting, tax, and other financial matters. These can be both Internet resources and printed publications. But buying printed copies with financial news is unlikely to get the most up-to-date information and keep abreast of the state of currencies in Ukraine and the world. So Internet resources now have far more readers than magazines and newspapers. But how to choose the most accurate site to track the exchange rate and other news. 

According to the information company headquartered in Israel, SimilarWeb, it is possible to distinguish the 10 best sources in Ukraine. The rating is based on the number of page views for 2021 and the novelty of the information provided. Thus, this year, the best websites to track and obtain complete exchange rate information were:

  • Kurs website
  • Bukhgalter 911 Portal
  • Prostobank
  • GroshiUA
  • Economic News
  • Finance luga
  • InVenture

The first portal has the highest number of page views on the list (96 million). The last site on the list has the lowest number of them. It has 2.832 million views.

Subjects the online media reports from the top 10 to discuss

The Ministry of financial affairs ( is the country's official website. The platform keeps readers up-to-date on all financial news. The site covers state and world news regarding taxes, investments, currencies, etc.

The Kurs site ( can be considered the primary source of information about everything that happens with currency rates. The internet edition Bukhgalter 911 ( talks about training programs for accountants, regulatory frameworks, and of course, takes up the subjects of currency exchange change in the country.

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