Bold Actions Against Russia’s Aggression

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, May 27, 2022
Bold Actions Against Russia’s Aggression

Single protest rallies recorded in France and Dagestan

While at the World economic forum in Davos, some businessmen and politicians reflect on ending Russian aggression, in exchange for a cease-fire, ordinary people continue to recall the war. Activist Yekateryna Vorobova came out with a poster "do not get used to the war" to the cathedral in Moscow.

The famous Russian singer Yurii Shevchuk also spoke about the war to his many thousands of audience.

"Now people are being killed in Ukraine. Why? Our boys are dying there. Why? What goals, friends? What goals are again? The youth of Russia and Ukraine is dying again, old people, women, and children are dying for the sake of some Napoleonic plans of our Caesar, right? Homeland, friends, is not the ass of the president, which must be constantly bragged, and kissed. Homeland is a grandmother beggar at the station, selling potatoes. What a home country!" the artist said during the performance.

The alumna of the school in Izberbash, Dagestan, in front of her children and parents made a protest.

"No war! Freedom to Ukraine! Putin is a devil," she said to the microphone.

It should be noted that the actions of Putin are supported in Dagestan. Cities are colored with the symbol "Z". So the girl was forced to record an apology, her teacher was fired, and her parents were fined.

There was a big incident at the Cannes film festival. The activist came out on the red carpet in her underwear. Her body was painted red, she drew the flag of Ukraine on her chest.

"Stop raping us," was written on her body.

No less disturbing action took place in the capital of France. A large number of people went to the rally. The girls were painted red. Some kept slogans calling for stronger sanctions, etc. 

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