Boris Johnson About Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, April 11, 2022
Boris Johnson About Ukraine

In the person of the prime minister of the United Kingdom, Ukraine received not only a reliable political partner but also a close friend

The warm attitude to our country and Boris Johnson's strong support for Ukraine play a significant role. Britain, which witnessed an incredible crisis during World War II, is now doing everything possible to ensure that Ukraine does not experience the same thing.

We have selected a few apt phrases from one of the key world leaders about Ukraine.

"Ukraine will be reborn and will once again take its place among the free states."

"All the tanks and submachine guns in Putin's arsenal will never break the spirit of the Ukrainian people and conquer their homeland."

"Britain will never hesitate to support our friends, and I have no doubt that when this time of suffering is over, Ukraine will be reborn and once again take its place among free and sovereign states."

"Ever since the Russian invasion began, Ukrainians have been defending their homeland with invincible courage and perseverance. We in Britain admire their courage and patriotism."

It will be recalled that the United Kingdom has provided 500 units of equipment for Ukraine to restore electricity supply to the settlements destroyed by the Russians and to back up cities. 177 portable generators have already arrived in Ukraine on April 9.

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