Build a Factory in Ukraine for Investors

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, February 11, 2022
Build a Factory in Ukraine for Investors

One of the essential investment cases in Ukraine is the business of putting up new production

Ukrainian investments company GT Invest has a special investment project — investment in building a plant for investors, which provides for the construction of a modern factory or reconstruction of an existing one through an investment of a foreign investor. The construction of plants may be carried out on free economic zones or investment parks; therefore, it does not require investment into social infrastructure. Plus, investment incentives are provided according to Ukrainian legislation.

Investors get all opportunities for development, expansion, and improvement of their production. For investors, there are negotiated long-term contracts with suppliers and partners from Ukrainian markets and offer special mutually beneficial tax conditions depending on the amount of investment capital.

GT Invest offers assistance in making an investment decision, investment project documentation (technical, environmental), investment support, land lease at the investment site, hiring a workforce, law and accountant support, and consulting services.

The investment attraction is based on several strategically essential factors: availability of natural resources and raw materials needed for production, favorable geographical location of Ukraine on the crossroad of trade strings of Europe and Asia, highly-qualified personnel force with competitive salaries, working leverage for industry incentives.

And finally, investors have an opportunity to deal directly with the productive forces of Ukraine — experienced professionals who can provide all necessary information about opportunities for development in different regions and practical work mechanisms.

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