Russia Is a Terrorist Country Again and Again

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, August 14, 2022
Russia Is a Terrorist Country Again and Again

Latvia, following Lithuania, recognized Russia as a state supporting terrorism

The leading news portal of Latvia Delfi reported about the "loudly" decision of the Seimas. The government has recognized the Russian Federation as a country supporting terrorism. 67 out of 100 deputies voted in favor of the document defining Russia as a country that deliberately attacked Ukrainian civil and public space. They also called on the authorities of other countries to address this issue and support Latvia in this statement. It should be noted that Lithuania became the first country to declare a new sponsor of terrorism at the state level. Latvia made an identical statement a few days later.

"Politicians are called upon to strengthen military, financial, humanitarian, and diplomatic support for Ukraine and to support initiatives condemning Russia’s military actions in Ukraine and calling for bringing perpetrators to justice, to isolate Russia from international and regional organizations, and to impose equivalent sanctions against Belarus because it supported Russian military aggression," the Seimas said.

The recognition of Russia as a terrorist country means:

  • Prohibition of the supply of arms;
  • Commencement of export controls on dual-use items;
  • Prohibition of economic assistance to the State sponsoring terrorism.

Earlier, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania recognized Russia’s actions in Ukraine as genocide. Now neighbouring Estonia has so far refrained from making such decisions. But this week the government decided not to allow the country Russian citizens even with previously issued visas. 

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