Build a hotel in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Build a hotel in Ukraine

The hotel building business is a significant sector of the economy and has been on a massive upswing since 2005.

This trend will likely continue for some time because of the growing demand from overseas tourists flocking to Ukraine in record numbers. In fact, in 2022, it's expected that more than 2,5 million people will visit Ukraine.

There are countless reasons why now is such a wonderful time for those wishing to build hotels in countries such as Ukraine. One of the most significant is that land prices are low, which means you'll get a lot more property for your money than you would elsewhere.

In addition to this, construction costs are also cheap and easily managed, thanks to investments from both the Ukrainian and European Union governments. There is no doubt: building a hotel in Ukraine yields significant returns.

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