The Occupiers Spared Neither the Old and the Young

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, March 29, 2022
The Occupiers Spared Neither the Old and the Young

In the Luhansk region, invaders attacked the hospital where the birth took place

In the Lugansk region, there are two maternity hospitals, Severodonetsk multidisciplinary hospital, and Lysychansk hospital. Unfortunately, the occupiers are shelling both cities with hospitals. It is impossible to transport pregnant women from these communities because of the constant shelling.

There are already wounded in one of the hospitals. A week ago, the occupiers opened fire on the hospital where the delivery took place. As a result of the attack, the facade and windows of the building were damaged. There was a doctor, a woman in labor, and a baby who was not a minute old in the delivery room.

Mom and the baby are lucky. The obstetrician covered up vulnerable people. The doctor is alive, but he has serious injuries to his back.

Such relentless shelling endangers small and unborn children, their moms. So temporary maternity hospital was opened based on the Kremen multidisciplinary hospital. This facility is located several tens of kilometers from the hot spots. But even there, it is impossible to take doctors and pregnant women because the Russian occupiers are shelling everything in their path and are not opening humanitarian corridors.

There is also information that the Russian military mines all the territories under their control. This complicates the process of saving civilians. It is also worth noting that in just one month of the invasion, the enemy destroyed 150 health facilities.

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