Building of Gas Pipeline by Ukraine and Poland

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, February 3, 2022
Building of Gas Pipeline by Ukraine and Poland

Countries agreed to work together to build a gas pipeline to increase gas supply from west to east

The Polish prime minister Moravetskyi Mateush and the prime minister of Ukraine Denys Shymhal took place in Kyiv. At the official meeting, the representatives of the countries agreed to start joint work on the development of the gas industry of the two countries. Countries will have to lay hundreds of kilometers of pipes to reach the target in the future. The Polish prime minister made such a report after a meeting in the capital of Ukraine.

"On the meeting, we talked about improving capacity from west to east, about building a gas pipeline that could transport large amounts of gas shortly," said Moravetskyi to journalists.

It should be recalled that technical work has recently been carried out in Ukraine to change the gas supply to European countries. For example, on February 1, Ukraine changed its gas relationship with Hungary. Previously only Ukraine had imported gas. Since 2022, gas companies from">Hungary have been able to do so.

We can safely say that the development of international relations in gas supply has become a priority. And Ukraine is successfully implementing these plans.

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