Bulgaria Approves the Largest Military Aid Package for Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, July 16, 2023
Bulgaria Approves the Largest Military Aid Package for Ukraine

Heavy weapons and vehicles, armoured personnel carrier

European news portal EurActiv reported that the Bulgarian government had approved a military aid package for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Officially, this is the first batch of heavy weapons for Ukraine from Bulgaria. However, some sources report that Bulgaria has previously transferred such assistance to Ukraine, but secretly. Previously unused equipment was transferred from the Bulgarian police stock. Because of Russia's war in Ukraine, Sofia decided to strengthen the Ukrainian army against the invaders with this equipment.

"It's armoured military hardware purchased during the Renaissance and never used. At the same time, this creates storage and maintenance costs. Ukrainians will make sure that this technique is useful for them," said Ivaylo Mirchev, a ruling party deputy.

Thus, the line of struggle against the Russian invaders will be reinforced with 100 armoured infantry automobiles. It should be noted that for the first time, Bulgaria openly declared its support for Ukraine and provided military assistance.

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