Bulgaria Expelled 70 Diplomats

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, July 4, 2022
Bulgaria Expelled 70 Diplomats

After a erball note of no confidence was announced to the head of the Russian diplomatic mission in Bulgaria and a list of names of the members of the mission, 70 employees of the embassy with their families left the country on the night of July 4

Last week, the government of Kirill Petkov, which actively supports Ukraine, was denied confidence. Like the previous Bulgarian prime minister, Petkov recognized the Kremlin's manipulation in the vote.

To stabilize the situation in the country, the Russian ambassador to Bulgaria, Eleonora Mitrofanova, was given a verbal note of no confidence, as well as a list of diplomatic mission employees who were required to leave the country before 12 a. m. on July 3.
"Everyone who works against the interests of Bulgaria will have to return to the country they came from," Kirill Petkov.

"Bulgaria decided to expel 70 diplomats and representatives of the technical staff of the Russian Embassy", the Russian embassy in Bulgaria.

That night, 2 planes with Russian diplomats, technical staff, and their families left Bulgaria. In total, all technical staff and diplomats were expelled from the consulate general in the city of Ruse, and the consulate itself was closed. The consulates in Sofia and Varna had almost no staff left. Unofficially, 150 people worked at the Russian embassy, ​​and now it is ⅔ less. The Russian side added that "Russia will give an appropriate answer." According to the Bulgarian information resource Dnevnik, even if the Russian response is not equal to the Bulgarian one, the situation may still end with the closure of the Bulgarian embassy in Russia.

We remind you that before the attack on Ukraine, Russia closed the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow.

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