EU Expels Russian Ambassadors

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, March 30, 2022
EU Expels Russian Ambassadors

During the month of Putin's war against Ukraine, more than 100 ambassadors of the aggressor country were expelled from world embassies

The reasons for such actions are not only support for Ukraine and a course toward world political harmony but also suspicions of espionage on the part of Russian diplomats.

Today, the list of countries that have sent Russian diplomats home includes Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania.
On March 29, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, and the Czech Republic announced the expulsion of the ambassadors.

Last week, 45 Putin diplomats were accused of spying for Poland. And they were expelled from the country.

On March 2, Bulgaria expelled two Russian ambassadors on suspicion of espionage. And on March 18, the Ministry of foreign affairs declared 10 more representatives of the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria non-grata and deported them from Sofia.

Also on March 18, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania sent a total of a dozen diplomats back to Russia.

The Slovak Ministry of foreign affairs analyzed the work of Russian diplomats and found that the information about their espionage for the Kremlin and bribery was true. On March 14, Slovakia announced the expulsion of three Russian diplomats from the country.

On the night of February 16, when the American media predicted Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Reuters news agency launched a live video broadcast from Independence Square in Kyiv. During the broadcast, a drone with the sign "For sale: a garage on Soloma, tel. 044 244 0961" was launched into the frame. "Soloma" is the slang name for the Solomiansky district of Kyiv, and the number on the plate corresponds to the number of the Russian embassy in Ukraine, located in the Solomyansky district of Kyiv. In this witty way, the Ukrainian people expressed their views on the relevance of the Russian mission in Ukraine.

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