How Ukraine Managed to Survive This Winter

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, March 21, 2023
How Ukraine Managed to Survive This Winter

Decentralisation, technical assistance of partners, and green energy 

Since February 24, 2024, Russia has carried out 14 large-scale attacks on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, causing an energy crisis. What helped Ukraine survive this winter? The assistance of foreign partners who transferred energy equipment for the restoration of energy networks, planned emergency power outages of civilian consumers, decentralisation of energy systems and solar panels.

"Energy workers managed to keep the situation under control in critical, unprecedented conditions, which no power system of other countries has yet encountered. The daylight hours are already longer, solar power plants are generating more electricity, and there is no power shortage. In general, the situation in the energy industry remains fully managed and controlled," Ruslan Slobodian, head of the State energy supervision inspection of Ukraine.

Today, the crisis of cold and darkness has already been overcome. But will take several years to rebuild Ukraine's energy system. The most challenging situation is with destroyed high-voltage networks, because it takes up to 15 months to produce some of its components. In addition, repeated Russian attacks on energy nodes are still likely, which will proportionally increase the deadline for the final restart of Ukraine's critical infrastructure.

Today, Ukraine promotes the introduction of small modular reactors and the transition to green energy in order not only to reduce dependence on the aggressor country, but to erase Russia from world markets.

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