Ukraine Became the Reason for the Global Transition to Green Energy

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Ukraine Became the Reason for the Global Transition to Green Energy

The US secretary of energy sees Ukraine as a world "leader in the production of clean energy" in the post-war future

Today, the United States helps Ukraine to create a decentralized energy supply system. In this way, Ukraine resists Putni's desire to turn energy into weapons. Moreover, since 60% of Ukraine's energy infrastructure has been wholly destroyed, Ukraine should have a chance to build a new distribution energy system, Built Back Better built on green principles. United States energy minister Jennifer Granholm said that her country is already preparing strategies to implement Ukraine's goal of transitioning to clean energy.

The previous power system was not ready for war, and damage to one node led to the de-electrification of an entire city or region. Russia was counting on this, and the situation in Ukraine launched a worldwide reflection on the fact that modern states should be energy independent. The fact that the Ukrainians were not allowed to be conquered by the cold became the starting point for the Western countries on their way to transition to clean energy, which creates a new geopolitical core where the aggressor states will not be able to blackmail with an energy collapse.

"This definitely gives me reasons for optimism. You know, looking at how Ukraine, the Ukrainian people, has a spine made of steel, this perhaps forces us to harden our own spines, fill them with steel too, in order to be able to maintain such courage and determination not to give up our territory, not to give in your country I must say that Russia's goal is not simply to destroy. Their goal is to take away, right? To take the land, to take the country. And you know, we, the united members of this coalition, will not allow this. And we want to support Ukraine and its territorial integrity," Jennifer Granholm.

Already today, the United States and the countries of the European Union are renouncing Russian oil and gas, creating the basis for energy independence and the transition to clean energy. The United States increased oil production to compensate for the shortage of Russian oil, and Ukraine switched to producing its own gas instead of importing it from Russia.

 "No country can ban access to the sun and use it as a weapon, no country can ban access to the wind and use it as a weapon. Maybe clean energy is the best peace plan we'll ever have," Irish energy minister Eamon Ryan.

"But at the end of the day, Ukraine is in a great position, with its resources, to be a producer of clean energy for its own use as well as for export when the war is over, especially now that it is connected to the European energy grid. And you can see the future for Ukraine as a leader in the production of clean energy," Jennifer Granholm.

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