Ukraine Refuses to Import Russian Gas

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Ukraine Refuses to Import Russian Gas

In 2023, Ukraine bets on the development of its own gas production and the satisfaction of domestic consumer demand

Oleksiy Chernyshov, the general director of the state oil and gas production and processing company Naftogaz, announced a plan for the survival of Ukraine. Our state refuses to import Russian gas and concentrates on the production of its own natural gas. According to the program, Naftogaz should increase output by 8% and private companies — by 16%.

32 years of independence and 2 years of full-scale Russian war against our statehood have come to Ukraine. The war almost crushed Ukraine's economy, but focusing on its own resources (such as using its black soil to grow bread) will ensure Ukraine's economic independence from third countries in the long term.

"Increasing domestic production is our strategic goal, and we must do it ourselves", Oleksiy Chernyshov. "This is not just a matter of business — it is a matter of survival and independence of Ukraine."

Putin caused losses of ≈ $1 billion to oil and gas facilities in Ukraine. In order to provide domestic consumers with gas, Ukraine must purchase 5 billion m3 of gas in 2023. However, in order to independently help its power-generating enterprises, Naftogaz purchased less than half of the 2 billion m3 needed by mid-autumn. Focusing on own gas production is a "heroic actб" which, moreover, helps to reorient households and consumers. Thanks to these joint efforts, Naftogaz was able to supply gas to the whole of Ukraine, including the occupied Donetsk region.

"But this is not our basic plan," Chernyshov. "That is to rely on ourselves."

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