Ukraine Produces Spare Parts for European Nuclear Reactors

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, March 17, 2023
Ukraine Produces Spare Parts for European Nuclear Reactors

From 2026, "Energoatom" and "Westinghouse" will start producing nuclear fuel for their own consumption and export

17 pressurized water reactors with a capacity of 440 MW are still operating in Europe. These outdated and technically dangerous Russian-made mastodons are unsuitable for Western-made fuel, increasing the dependence on cooperation with the aggressor country.

Energoatom and Westinghouse began to develop spare parts for power units that will allow updating the structure of the VVER and switching to other fuels. Ukraine recently opted out of the supplement of Russian nuclear fuel and operates on Westinghouse fuel. The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, and Bulgaria have already expressed a similar desire. As a result, the nuclear specialists of Ukraine and Westinghouse planned to start production of their own nuclear fuel in 2026. Today, Energoatom's industrial lines are prepared at the Westinghouse plant in Vasteras, Sweden. In 3 years, Ukrainian and American specialists will start the production of heat-dissipating spare parts for nuclear reactors of nuclear power plants, shanks, and heads for fuel cartridges and obtain all the necessary licenses. Initially, these spare parts will be used for the needs of Energoatom in Sweden, then, together with Westinghouse, Ukraine will start supplying fuel to Europe and will push Russia out of the international market of nuclear technologies.

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