Bulgaria Ready to Consider Buying Electricity in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, April 25, 2022
Bulgaria Ready to Consider Buying Electricity in Ukraine

Ukraine, integrated with ENTSO-E, despite the war, is ready to supply its electricity to European countries

On April 24, the minister of finance of Ukraine, Serhii Marchenko, held a series of meetings with representatives of France, Sweden, and Bulgaria. The topic of the dialogues was the energy security of Ukraine and new branches of the partnership. The possibility of selling Ukrainian electricity on the territory of European states was discussed separately.

On March 16, Ukraine synchronized with the European energy system ENTSO-E. Prior to that, Ukraine was part of the network of Belarusian and Russian energy, and on the 24th, our country was utterly separated from the former infrastructure. On the same day, Russia attacked Ukraine.

“Ukraine has recently joined Europe's energy grid by becoming a member of ENTSO-E. Thus, electricity produced in Ukraine will be able to be sold on the European market. I discussed this possibility with all European colleagues. Bulgarian minister of finance Asen Vasilyev expressed his readiness to put on the agenda of the government consideration of the issue of purchasing our electricity,” Serhii Marchenko.

According to the minister of energy of Ukraine, Herman Halushchenko, Russia's attack on Ukraine on the day of our withdrawal from the Russian-Belarusian energy system is, among other things, a protest against Ukraine's European integration.

“It coincided, but behind this coincidence was the desire of Russia to prevent the European integration of Ukraine, to prohibit us from moving to the EU. The desire to forbid us to be free and independently choose our future and our alliances. They believed that the Ukrainian energy system would fall. That we do not have enough capacity to meet the needs of Ukraine in wartime. Russia seized and bombed our stations, including nuclear ones, exposing the world to the risk of a nuclear catastrophe. But the Ukrainian energy system survived. Wherever it was possible, our power engineers supplied people with electricity — military and civilian, households and enterprises,” Herman Halushchenko.

We remind you that on April 23, Bulgarian prime minister Kirill Petkov said that "Ukraine's place is in the EU. This is their security."

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